Gig is a great tool for finding artist renderings of gig posters and images for music of all genres and decades. You can search by band or by designer and even find links to designer’s websites to explore some of their other work.


This poster is not meant to be an advertisement or a gig poster, but simply an art print. It was created by Andrea Laliberte and speaks to the sophistication and elegance of classical music.

La Boheme Poster

March 3, 2010

Poster advertising the famous opera La Boheme by Puccini.

This is sort of the “classical version” of a gig poster, since gig posters aren’t typically made for orchestras, conductors, or very old composers.

Performed by the Orchestra of the age of Enlightenment

This video features dancers waltzing along with the music, giving it a very nice visual expression and representation.

*This post is tagged as literal because of the view of the orchestra playing the piece but is also tagged as abstract because of the dancer’s interpretation of the music.

Conductor Alfred Brendel